Importance of sports in school

Everyone must be familiar with the fact that physical activity is good for the children. It helps them to be active all day, mentally sound and focused and in maintaining healthy body weight. Introducing sports in school curriculum is a great idea to keep the students physically and mentally healthy. It helps in focusing on the studies more and also students get a break in school form hectic time table which helps in more involvement in studies. Let us talk in detail about the importance of sports in school.

  1. Physical health:

Being physically active is helpful for the overall physical health. Being indulged in sports keeps your muscles flexible so minimize the chances of muscle stain or cramps. Physical activity helps in reducing body fat, so you can keep obesity away from you. Sports make the bones strong, so chances of osteoporosis in the long term is reduced. Along with that, sports keep you away from the general illness.

  1. Fitness:

Sports should be mandatory in every school curriculum as it helps in maintaining overall fitness. It helps in controlling the body weight and keeps you slim and fit. Sports help in enhancing your body posture and also improves the coordination of different body parts. Sports encourages you to leave your sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Self esteem:

Sports helps in boosting self esteem and self confidence. Like a handshake, tap or hug from a coach, teammates, friends and families helps them in building self esteem and self confidence. Also they learn to accept criticism and work on improving the mistakes and weaknesses. Sports play an important role in deciding one’s personality and behaviour. This is the importance of sports in school.

  1. Leadership skills:

When sports teaches you skills of a team member, it also teaches you the skills for being a team leader. It improves your leadership qualities like how to take a whole team together, to know about team spirit and winning spirit. All these qualities you learn early if you are involved in sports activities in schools. Sports also help you in managing team emotions and discipline among players.

  1. Emotional fitness:

Sports bring emotional stability in children. Being physically active improves the hormonal balance and children feel happy and relaxed. This helps in controlling the emotions and being emotionally fit. Sports help in reducing the depression and anxiety symptoms in children and keep them cheerful and emotionally stable.

So now you have got the idea about the importance of sports in school.