KooGa Rugby Jersey Review

2010 marks the release of the first Wallabies jersey designed by KooGa rugby. The new Wallabies KooGa Rugby jersey could be the first of many, with a four year deal having being signed between the Australian Rugby Union and KooGa. The previous suppliers, Canterbury Rugby, produced an eye-saw of a jersey for their last attempt. The jersey featured lighter coloured pads on the chest, which were apparently functional, but aesthetically they looked like non-functional mammary glands.

The new Wallabies rugby jersey showcases KooGa Rugby’s new material that they describe as ‘virtually indestructible’ and ‘bullet-proof’. The new jersey features carbon fibre and hydrosteel, so it certainly sounds like it could stop a bullet. As Australian Rugby Union CEO explains, it is also “state-of-the-art, body-hugging, temperature controlling apparel”. These types of features are standard now across game rugby jerseys.

KooGa Rugby recently signed a four year deal with the Australian Rugby Union to supply KooGa sportswear to the Wallabies, which will see them through to the end of 2013. Wallabies such as Berrick Barnes, Matt Giteau and Benn Robinson were called on to model the new look. According to ARU CEO John O’Neill “The unstinting efforts and enthusiasm of KooGa have been key to ensuring the Wallabies have a playing kit for 2010 that we are all delighted and proud to reveal”.

The KooGa Wallabies jersey retains the gold of previous editions, but it is one shade as opposed to the Canterbury one, which used different shades of gold such as the previously mentioned chest pads. The green is slightly less prevalent than previous incarnations.

The new KooGa rugby jersey was launched on Australia Day in 2010, and apparently customer orders are already popular both in Australia and other countries, such as the United States of America and Europe. Cosmetically it is certainly more appealing than the previous incarnation produced by Canterbury. That alone will see Wallaby fans rushing to update their replica jerseys.

KooGa supply a variety rugby gear and rugby clothing. Their protective wear includes rugby headgear and shoulder pads. They also make rugby equipment such as rugby balls and of course rugby apparel such as rugby jerseys and shorts. Internationally they supply rugby jerseys to the Wallabies, USA Eagles, Fiji, and more. At club level they provide KooGa sportswear to many of the UK clubs, for example Llanelli RFC, the Ospreys, Scarlets, Swansea, Saracens, Harlequins and Bristol. In the Super 14 they provide sportswear to the Reds and Brumbies.