What are the rules that need to be followed while playing football?

Football is one of the most loved sports in the world. There are people who have literally grown up playing and watching football. They must have started from playing in the small streets to playing in the football grounds opened in the cities. The game might seem to be complex for some but once you get used to playing it, football will be extremely easy for you. There are certain rules of the sport which you need to follow and then the game becomes much simpler.

There are certain methods and points which you need to follow in order to earn maximum scores. Before playing the game, you should have enough information about the game so that you know well about where to hit and where you can score.

 First of all, the main thing you should know is that in this game, there are two teams, each with 11 players. Out of these two teams, one team will be for offence while another team will be as defence team. For each team there are three time outs. Also, each team can take twelve and half minutes of interval.

The main aim of this sport is to pass the ball to the end zone of the opposite team and this can be done by passing the ball to your team mate and he will manage to move the ball to the end zone. The key players in both the teams try to take up the game under their control so that they can score more than the other team.

The team can earn 6 points which is known as touchdown when the member of a particular team crosses the opposite team member’s goal line. The team members can also earn 3points if he will kick the ball close to the end zone. The team members can earn extra point by kicking the ball after the touchdown. There is a case known as “safety” where the defensive team can earn two points if they are able to tackle some member of another team with the help of the ball in their own end zone.

When you must have played football in your childhood, there would be times when you must have ignored all the football rules like no offside, getting a substitute if the player wants to attend to some other task, maybe ignoring the ball if its out of the park or not having enough knowledge about what is red card and yellow card. These are some of the important situations in football which every player must have knowledge about and look into it while playing the sport.