Football is known as the most popular game in the world and is followed by billions of people across the globe. It is probably the game which generates the most revenue all over the world and which includes all sorts of nations in every corner of the world.

FootballIt came into being in the mid-19th century and although it was initially an offshoot of the much more popular game of rugby, it slowly but surely turned into the world’s most beautiful game. Recently there have also been offshoots of football such as futsal where the teams are reduced from 11 to 5 players and where different rules apply.

Football is usually played on a pitch of around 100 metres in length and around 60 in width and with two teams of eleven players each, one of which is the goalkeeper. There are two goalposts at each end of the pitch and there are also markings for penalties and free kicks and throw-ins when the ball is out of play. The team who scores most goals wins the game which is usually 90 minutes long and split into two halves of 45 minutes each with a 15 minute break.